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New York City



In “Memoir”, we are delving into the dynamic realm of marker art, employing a spectrum of hues to delve into the essence of memory and its profound impact on our present selves. In this artistic exploration, we layer color upon color, constructing a rich tapestry that represents a flurry of emotions, flashbacks, and fragments of our continuous life narrative. The bold use of black marker serves to outline the aspects we are willing to reveal, providing a striking contrast to the vivid memories we cherish internally. This contrast of light and dark, color and shadow, embodies the intricate dance between what we disclose and what we keep hidden, between our public personas and private thoughts. Through this series, we encourage viewers to contemplate the layers of their own stories and the colors they choose to present to the world.

This series was born in a period of introspection, a time when thoughts of escape often lingered at the edges of our consciousness. As artists, we navigated through a darker phase, channeling our deepest wounds into our work. Our aim was to transmute pain into something breathtaking, to veil our scars beneath layers of color and form. This collection reflects the universal struggle of conformity versus authenticity, the silent battles we fight within ourselves, the 'YES' that escapes our lips when our hearts are filled with 'NO'. It draws upon the reservoirs of childhood memories, past relationships, family, and friends, each layer of color symbolizing the complex interweaving of past and present. With each stroke of the marker, we intertwine these memories, creating a visual narrative that speaks to the ongoing intersection of our past experiences with our current reality.

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